About Galletas, OBLEAS and .... about OBLADI

The OBLEA is a typical Spain and Latin American WAFER dessert. Two big (about 30 cm)  thin wafers with in between, a sweet filling.
Obleas are typically filled with
Dulce de Leche, but it may also be jam, cheese, fruits, whipped cream, or a combination of these fillings.

It was exactly this great Colombian delicacy which triggered me.
It kept me busy for a long time before the 'bulb' lighted and brought me the 'solution'....! (by mr. Saltman) 
obladi galletas Colombia

The OBLADI was there!
But this original Dutch 'Stroopwafel'... will now be Made in Colombia!

We didn't and we don't want to change any recipe!
We will only using the best ingredients you can buy in Colombia.
We 'mix' this with the skills and passion from the people of the Colombian kitchen.....
and with all of this, we end up with the best stroopwafel you ever tasted...

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